What is PIES?

After ten successful performances, the PIES conference has already become traditional and this year we are organizing the 11th PIES conference in a row. The meeting of leading ICT professionals and of all who are dependent on information technology in energetics’ companies has turned out to be a very useful and much needed event – as stated through visitors’ responses. Energetics is a vast industry with its own peculiarities that must be also taken into account in the area of IT support. The annual visitors, as well as those who discover PIES anew reinforce our belief that the energetics sector needs this event, and that PIES is indeed a useful conference where knowledge and experience are shared and enriched, and further on successfully implemented in the base. PIES conference is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to get acquainted with the situation on the ground and new trends, as well as to exchange views and experiences. We are strongly convinced that an exchange of expertise from ICT professionals will be useful for your further work. The conference is certainly contributing its share to the integration, technical progress and convergence of key players in the energetics’ field. The objectives of the conference are:

  • to enable gatherings of representatives of management, informatics and users of information technologies from energy companies,
  • to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants,
  • to present successful projects in the field of information technology in energy companies through scientific articles,
  • to present the major trends in informatics in energetics’ companies through the contributions of representatives of research institutes,
  • to present important innovations in the field of ICT in energy supply sector through the presentations of our sponsors.

dr. Rok Rupnik and mag. Miran Novak,