NASLOV: Field service optimization at utility

Ivan Topličić, CEO PlanetSoft and ClickSoftware certified consultant
Diana Mori, SAP Slovenija


We are living in golden age of technology. Technology becomes cheaper and efficient, huge capital investments are focusing in green energy sources like solar and wind, with a need to integrate and optimize operations.
Although the golden age of technology decreases the cost of technology and distribution it on the other side increases the labour cost. Someone still has to deliver services on field. Most of the companies invest in plant maintenance, machinery, production while still lacking work optimization for a little man that delivers every day without proper support.
ClickSoftware focuses on companies that deliver services to end customers and Service Chain optimization. The Field service scheduling process can be very difficult, and it is factorial function with billions of potential combinations. Only one is optimal one. The wrong one, cost money.
The public enterprise “Elektroprivreda Srbije” has recognized the importance of the scheduling process and made a first step toward standardization, automatization and optimization. They have chosen ClickSoftware Service Optimization in combination with SAP ERP & IS Utilities for a fully integrated end to end connected solution to achieve better results in their business.