NASLOV: CIM integracije v okviru NEDO projekta

AVTOR: Timotej Kodek


The Slovenian-Japanese NEDO Project is a partnership between the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO) Eles and the Japanese agency NEDO and its authorised contractor Hitachi, Ltd. Within the framework of this project, advanced functionalities have been established in order to provide for better coordination between stakeholders in the electricity system and more efficient operation of the power system. ELES is managing and coordinating the project from the Slovenian site, while activities are carried out on the infrastructure of all owners of the electricity grid (besides TSO ELES also DSO/DNOs) in Slovenia and two municipal communities. The CIM based system integration has been a part of the project since first feasibility study. Key challenge is to integrate IT/OT systems, which are part of the project, in accordance with European Smart Grid Reference Architecture. Integration projects have been carried out on locations of DNO Elektro Celje, DNO Elektro Maribor and TSO Eles. Following use cases have been implemented:

  • Network model exchange from GIS to ADMS,
  • Network model exchange from CIM model repository to ADMS,
  • Network operational state (actual topology) exchange from DMS to GIS,
  • Metering data exchange from MDMS to Integrated DMS,
  • Demand Response related use cases (Demand Response Control Center (DRSC) – ADMS),
  • Metering data exchange from MDMS to DRSC,
  • DNO – TSO data exchange: metering data of RES production (needed by RES forecast application at TSO),
  • DNO – TSO data exchange: forecast data of RES production (needed by RES forecast application at TSO).

The project overview and overall lessons learned will be presented, while solutions developed by project partners in the scope of this project will be presented in separate presentations.


Timotej Kodek, EIMV.