NASLOV: CIM integracija temelječa na odprtokodnih rešitvah: primer Elektro Celje

Rene Benassi‎, Iskratel d.d.,
Nikola Risteski, Bintegra d.o.o.


In the scope of the »NEDO« project, we managed to implement an open source-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in the environment of the Slovenian DNO Elektro Celje. To implement different use cases, it was necessary to integrate the data provided by different back-end systems, which, until now, were developed as isolated monoliths. There were numerous challenges to implement various backend systems each using different technologies. The ESB architecture has been proven to facilitate integration and the reusability of already implemented services. In order to establish seamless integration between different systems, we implemented the integration between the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), a Metering Data Management System (MDMS) and a Geographical information system (GIS) system using CIM profiles. The implementation of the CIM integration bus is based on the IEC 61968-100 standard. To store the network model, Triplestore database has been used, which directly enables the semantic web definition.

Usage of open source software for CIM based systems integration will be presented, as well lessons learned during the implementation of the project.