NASLOV: Integracija GIS in CIM repozitorija s CIM-GIS vmesnikom

Mateja Kavčič,GDI d.o.o.,
Primož Košir, GDI d.o.o.


Since introduction of smart grids technologies distribution systems have been changing rapidly. Effective and accurate integration of smart grid operational data is therefore more important than ever. GIS provides great benefits to electric utilities, as it offers an intuitive interface for maintaining and controlling data quality. As such, GIS can provide important topological and connectivity information of all components in an electrical grid.

The presentation focuses on GIS-CIM adapter which synchronizes GIS with an Advanced Distribution Management Systems or other operational systems and acts as an important source of electrical grid information. GIS-CIM adapter is integrated with CIM repository by using standard CIM integration patterns, which include the usage of CIM profiles and Web Services as defined in IEC 61968-100 standard. GIS-CIM adapter is a module, that is able to translate topology of electrical elements in GIS to CIM topology, export it to a RDF XML format, along with other attribute data required and send exported data to CIM repository. The adapter supports both full and incremental export. GIS-CIM adapter offers a certain degree of configurability, which allows for definition of use-case specific CIM profiles and mapping of CIM classes to GIS classes and attributes in the database. The solution provides flexibility and portability between different Electric Utilities and is therefore a basis to avoid expensive integrations.